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Limit Texas Holdem

This article will assume that you have at least seen a bit of limit texas holdem on television and maybe even played a game or two.� This is meant strictly as an introduction to the popular poker game, Limit Texas Holdem.� Just to cover the basics, limit, refers to the betting structure of Texas Holdem (in this case), hence Limit Texas Holdem.� Now, let’s get into specifics of Limit Texas Holdem.

Limit Texas Holdem - The Role of Dealer

Like most other poker games, the dealer rotates clockwise in limit texas holdem.� If you are playing at home, you can simply change dealers after each hand.� However, limit texas holdem in a casino is a bit different.� There is a professional dealer who deals each hand of limit texas holdem and there is a “button” in front of one player, which represents the dealer.� A good dealer will keep the game of limit texas holdem running smoothly and fairly.

Limit Texas Holdem - The role of the “button”

In Limit Texas Holdem, like most poker games, the button in front of a player represents the dealer whenever a professional dealer is present.� This button is usually a white plastic chip with the words “dealer” printed on it.� This button rotates clockwise around the poker table just as the deck of cards would in a home poker game of limit�texas holdem.

Limit Texas Holdem - The Blinds

Before the first round of betting and before any cards are dealt, the two players to the left of the “button” (or dealer) post forced bets known as the small blind and big blind.� These bets are important to the game of limit texas holdem because they establish action at the table.

The size of the blinds are determined by the limit of the game of texas holdem that you are playing.� If you are playing $2/$4 limit texas holdem, the small blind would be $1 and the big blind would be $2.� Basically, the big blind is equal to the size of the minimum first bet and the small blind is equal to half of the big blind.

Limit Texas Holdem - The pocket cards

The dealer deals two cards, face down to each player.� There is a round of betting.� This is a first round bet, so the minimum is that of the big blind.� In $10/$20 limit texas holdem, this bet would be $10.� The first to act is the person to the left of the big blind and the players act, in turn, clockwise.

Limit Texas Holdem - The Flop

After the first round of betting, the dealer burns a card, then “flops” three cards, face up.� These�cards are called community cards and are to be used by everyone to make the best poker hand.� A round of betting commences, also a first round bet.� Using 10/20 as the limit texas holdem game, the minimum bet would be $10.

Limit Texas Holdem - The Turn and The River

After the second round of betting in limit texas holdem, the dealer burns another card and turns one card face up.� This is the fourth community card, called “The Turn” and is to be used by all players to make their best poker hand.� A round of betting occurs, however, this round is at the higher limit.� In 10/20 limit holdem, the minimum for this round would be $20.

After this third round of betting, the dealer burns another card and turns the fifth and final card, known as “The River”.� A final round of betting, at the higher limit occurs and the players turn over their hands.

Unlike the game of Razz, The best poker hand wins in Limit Texas Holdem.

Limit Texas Holdem - Final Thoughts

There are many places to play limit texas holdem besides casinos and home games.� Rooms like Fulltilt Poker and Bodogpoker offer limit texas holdem as well as other varieties and betting structures.� If you’ve already played at some of the popular online poker rooms like partypoker and you are considering depositing some cash and playing for real money, our Partypoker Bonus Code will help you get a nice bonus when playing online poker.

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