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Small Pairs in Texas Holdem Poker

Most poker experts would agree that you should be the first to raise with small a small pair in Texas Holdem Poker.� It is much easier to make a raise, than to call a raise with this type of hand.� However, when it is two bets to you in limit texas holdem or when the pot has been re-raised a small amount in no-limit texas holdem, experts tend to disagree as to how you should play.

Some poker experts believe that folding is the only option here.� After all, calling two bets with a pair of 3’s would not be prudent.� However, there are those that disagree with this and believe that you should call in order to lure more players into the hand by increasing the pot odds for them.

I, however, like to take a different approach.� I prefer to re-raise with a small pair and then represent whatever hits on the flop.� To my opponents, it appears that I had a strong hand to begin with and that I made that strong hand even stronger on the flop.� I do tend to play pocket pairs loosely before and after the flop.� After all, part of playing solid poker is being commited to a pot.

There is another side to this playing style.� I represent a big hand before the flop, then the flop comes tiny cards.� The chances that I hit trips are increased, however my opponents suspect me of having a big hand before the flop.� With tiny cards on the flop, my hand would appear weaker to them and I would be able to lure them in more easily to calling a weak looking bet or raise.

Basically, there are many different ways to play small pairs in Texas Holdem, but this is mine and it’s served me well.

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