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Pocket Aces in Omaha Poker

Pocket Aces is probably one of the most played and overvalued hands in Omaha Poker.� They are almost always played and everyone seems to have confidence in them. Poker players that usually play Texas Holdem seem to rely on the aces in Omaha more than they should.�The best�starting hand in Omaha Poker�actually is 2-3-A-A and it has to be played always, no matter the position or the number of players in the game. However, this is the only hand that should absolutely, always be played.

If a player has an AA hand, it can be a good hand but it can also be a very bad hand.� I would say what matters most are the rest of the cards�the poker player�holds.�For example, let’s compare�A-A-2-3 double suited against A-A-5-5, no suit at all.� In Texas Holdem, the second hand would be more powerful if it were just the Aces or Fives, however, Omaha Poker is a very different game.� In Omaha Poker, the first�hand can get two nut flushes so it holds two potential winning hands, maybe more including straight possibilities, and even more when you consider The Wheel.��However, A-A-5-5 has no outcome whatsoever, it is a mediocre middle hand at best, and it should be usually dropped with the exception of a couple of situations.

Playing A-A-5-9 or A-A-4-9 should be done with great care, although I would suggest�folding almost immediately.��However, if you have�A-A-9-2 hand then statistics say that it is actually a good hand that should be played in many situations.��On the other hand, A-A-9-3 is a very weak hand.� Once again, A-A-2-3 double suited is considered to be the best starting hand in Omaha Poker and should be played accordingly.

Keep in mind that in Omaha an AAxx hand is better when xx is QJ than when xx is 10-10 or JJ. Pairs are weaker than high cards when next to an ace pair.� This is simply because of the amount of “outs” left in the deck.� In Texas Holdem, top pair will win you more hands than not.� However, in Omaha Poker, it’s trips and straights that will win the most for you.

Pocket Aces in Omaha Poker should be played with extreme caution, mainly because it means something only when assorted with two other cards that can empower it.

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