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Jamie Gold of Team Bodog Holds onto Lead

Jamie Gold continues to stun spectators as he leads the chip count by a rather huge margin - $14.7 million compared to the next guy, David Einhorn, with just over $6 million.

Big name player, Allen Cunningham, is getting read to crack the top 10, which looks this way so far:

Jamie Gold $14,700,000
David Einhorn $6,800,000
Rhett Butler $6,725,000
Erik Friberg $6,400,000
William Thorsson $4,800,000
Michael Binger $4,670,000
John Magill $4,350,000
Dan Nassif $4,245,000
Kevin Aaronson $3,900,000
Kevin O’Donnell $3,200,000

The field is now down to 30 contestants with blinds at 20K and 40K and a 5K ante.� Humberto Brenes was just eliminated in 36th place cashing for $329,865.� Cunningham remains the only pro still standing.

All remaining players are now guaranteed at least $329,865.

Players who have recently been eliminated are Brian Hansen (42nd) whose pocket 10s were no match for Jamie Gold’s pocket Aces, Mikael Thuritz (41st) whose A, J was only beaten by the higher kicker of Dan Nassif’s A, K , WeiKai Chang who was eliminated by Fred Goldberg’s straight, Marc Friedmann (39th) whose pocket Aces were beaten by William Thorsson’s pocket 8s when an 8 was dealt on the flop and Rob Betts (38th) whose A, J was beaten by Jamie Gold’s A, K.

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