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Online Poker Room to give away over $1M

As you may have read in a previous report here at PlaySolidPoker, Party Poker is having one of the biggest freerolls in the history of the game of poker.� This is from a press release at

There are big online poker rooms and then there is the monster online poker room, Party Poker, that dwarfs them all. To give you an idea of their size they are about to deal their five billionth hand, and to celebrate that mammoth achievement they are giving away a potential $1 million prize.� Winning that million dollars is not easy. You have to be dealt one of 8 lucky hands, starting with the 4,965,000,000 and going up in 5 million increments to the 5,000,000,000th hand and in that hand you need to hit a royal flush. get a royal flush and you win the million.

The good news is that if you are at the table for any of those 8 hands you will win a healthy amount of cash. The amount you win depends on the stakes value of the table. For instance, if the 4,965,000,000th hand is dealt to a table playing $3/$6 limit or above (or a $0.50/$1.00 or higher no-limit or pot-limit game) then the table will share $5,000. If the same type of table gets dealt the 5 billionth hand they will share a whopping $50,000 between them.

If those hands are dealt to a freeroll table the players will share $250 in the first instance and $2,500 if it’s the magical 5 billionth hand.

The bottom line is that whatever size game you’re playing at Party Poker there is free money up for grabs over the course of the next few weeks, and the potential of winning a $1 million is definitely out there.

Party Poker deals out over 10 million hands a day and they’re rapidly approaching that first lucky hand number, so you need to start playing there as soon as possible to take advantage of the promotion.

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