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Most Online Gaming Companies Report Business as Usual

online-poker-business.jpgDespite the fact that the United States is about to outlaw online gaming, most companies report business as usual.
Some have reassured players that their doors remain open, for example INetBet which advised enquirers: “We have no intention of stopping any of our US customers. The bill passed does not make it illegal for you to bet or for us to accept at present, so it will be business as usual.”
Fulltilt Poker posted an open letter to players on its website that summarised the current events taking place in the U.S. and outlined the measures it is taking to research and clarify the new legal situation, assuring players that Full Tilt will remain open to U.S. players.
“We, like all online poker players, are dismayed and saddened by these potential regulations, and are doing our best to determine what these changes will mean to our customers,” the letter says. “We are continuing to study this legislation and, until our investigation is complete, believe it would be wrong to comment on how these new rules will impact the ability for players to transfer funds to and from Full Tilt Poker.
“In the short term, we assure you that your online experience at Full Tilt Poker will not change. You will still be able to deposit and withdraw money from the site using the same methods and payment processors you have always used, and your money will remain completely safe and secure. We cannot predict how the online poker experience may change in the future, but we do not expect any immediate impact from the legislation, as the banking industry has 270 days to implement new rules after the bill is signed.
“It is also important to note that, once signed, the new legislation will not criminalise individuals for playing poker online. Instead, the bill will eventually attempt to prevent the transfer of funds to online gaming. As poker is a game of skill rather than pure chance, we hope that it will not be affected by this new bill.”
The letter confirms that Full Tilt will continue to work closely with organisations like the Poker Player’s Alliance to lobby for an exemption for online poker and for the players’ right to play a truly American game from the privacy of their own home and computer.
The letter concludes: “While this last-minute congressional move has undoubtedly caused concern among our players, we want to assure you that Full Tilt Poker is legally regulated and licensed to offer its services to anyone around the world and that your day-to-day experience at the site will remain unchanged in all respects.”
Attempting to keep its readers up-to-date on what sites remain open to US players, the Poker News site commented:
“Poker Stars has issued a statement saying it hasn’t decided what to do yet.
“Although we cannot find an official statement on a company website, or through e-mail, multiple media outlets are reporting that Paradisepoker has announced its intention to stop taking action from American players through parent company, Sportingbet. The only official statement on the company website says that Sportingbet are still evaluating the legislation, and will release a statement shortly.
“Ultimate Bet have replied to inquiries saying they expect to continue to be business as usual, and don’t anticipate any changes.
“Absolute Poker responded to inquiries by saying “We want to assure you that Absolute Poker games are still available and that you can continue to enjoy the site as you always have. The new law does not change the legality of playing online games nor will make us close any US customer accounts.”
Bodogpoker responded to an e-mail with a lengthy reply, the crux of which was “It is definitely our full intention to continue doing business with customers in the United States.”

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