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Party Gaming Supposedly Behind Major Protest

New York City, and possibly Washington will be the targets of a media blitz planned this week by the highly respected “Ambassador of Poker”, Mike Sexton against the ban on online gambling financial channels proposed by US politicians recently.
Sexton says he is going to fight the good fight in a very public way in an effort “….to call attention to the great injustice that has been done to people’s right’s everywhere with the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.”
“The mission is obviously to voice the displeasure with this bill that has been passed by Congress, and to speak up for the rights of poker players, and their right to play online poker,” said Sexton
The plan is to do the talk show circuit, and attempt to publicise how outraged players are about the bill, which is due to be signed into law by President Bush next Friday.
The world’s biggest online poker company, Party Gaming (partypoker) is putting its considerable muscle behind Sexton’s campaign, and there are reports that the company is already well advanced with plans for a major television campaign against the new law, its inequities and the manner in which it was steamrollered through Congress.
Sexton says that he also has the support of prominent personalities like Barry Greenstein, and possibly Mike Bolcerek the president of the vociferous players’ body the Poker Players’ Alliance.
Sexton has been on the front lines of the various battles over the years to enhance the rights of poker players, and he says there are a couple messages he wants to try to get out this coming week.
“The people organising the media tour believe that the U.S. is in violation of the trade treaties of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and that’s a big point they want to make.” Other points include the inadvisability of passing laws that repeat the mistakes that were made back in the 1920’s during the alcohol prohibition era.
“It’s time for standing up and speaking out on behalf of our freedom of choice, which has been violated,” Sexton says, urging player everywhere to make their voices heard.

Party Poker is not on the list of US Friendly Poker Rooms but maybe, one day, they will be again.

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