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Pam Anderson Poker Closes Up Shop

Just four months after Pamela Anderson burst onto the poker scene with her own gaming site, the sexiest cardplayer in cyberspace says the whole thing was a, er, giant bust.

On her personal website,, the actress blasts the endeavor in her online diary; “Poker site should have been shut down last month. I have nothing to do with it anymore. Too many shady areas … I made a mistake getting involved in something I know nothing about for a quick buck! Yuck. So unlike me. Glad it’s over.”

The fiery statement comes just three days after Pam blamed the collapse of on legal red tape. “Too bad my poker site fell apart–too many rules in USA. No fun.” That’s quite a change of heart.

From the onset, Pamela didn’t seem to quite fit in with the poker community.  As part of the Doyle Brunson Poker Network, Pamela took a ribbing from comedian Brad Garrett during a toast for the Texas dollie. 

Pamela Anderson walked out when emcee Garrett cracked jokes about Pamela, almost relentlessly. 

“You play under the table, you don’t play at the (gambling) table,” Garrett joked. 

After Anderson’s manager challenged Garrett to a fight, followed by Anderson’s group (including her manager) storming out, Garrett shouted  to Pamela: “You still have plenty of time to blow the members of Whitesnake”.

Despite the “toast” incident, Anderson promised to continue on.

“My dad is a good friend of Doyle’s” Anderson confessed. Hence, the new relationship.

Both Doyle’s Room and PamelaPoker have realized biblical number of signups over the past few months, according to those within the network.

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