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Jamie Gold’s Assests Still Frozen

The dispute between WSOP champion Jamie Gold and television produced Crispin Leyser took a new turn this week when a U.S. judge upheld the continued freeze on half of Jamie Gold’s $12 million 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event winnings.
The court agreed, however to a request from attorneys for both parties for the cash to be moved from Harrah’s custody, where it has lain since the dispute surfaced, to an interest bearing account pending final resolution.
District Court Judge Roger Hunt indicated that Leyser, the television pro laying claim to half Gold’s pot, is likely to get his share of the money.
He also rejected a motion by Gold’s lawyer to remove an order preventing the WSOP champ from accessing the cash. Since winning the Main Event in August, the money has been on hold at the Rio Hotel and Casino.
Hunt said Gold’s actions didn’t give him assurance that the money would be turned over to Leyser if he won the case.
The lawsuit was filed by Leyser after Gold allegedly backed out a business deal to split his WSOP winnings between the pair. According to Leyser, Gold needed to find celebrities to compete in the tournament wearing the logo in order to get sponsorship from the poker room.
Leyser supplied the stars - actor Matthew Lillard and MTV personality Dax Shepard - in exchange for half of Gold’s pot. But after winning the Main Event, Gold said the his agreement with Leyser was a goodwill gesture and not a binding business deal and is now fighting to keep the full $12 million.

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