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Battle of the Planets Leader Board Announced at Pokerstars

Pokerstars has added one more promotion to the list of many that the site is currently running. Battle of the Planets is the poker room’s new leaderboard promotion for Sit and Go players and is offering more than $3,000,000 over the course of a year in cash and prizes. What makes this so unique is it has been designed completely different than any other leaderboard currently available and has made sure that every player who plays on Pokerstars has a chance to participate. Whether you are a first time beginner or the seasoned pro, the leader boards have been created for everyone to compete on their own level. In addition to the promotion, Pokerstars is also giving a reload bonus of 20% up to $120, which is available to all players. New players can use the bonus code PHG50.

The Battle of the Planets is a multi-player Sit and Go tournament which has been categorized into eight divisions (planets) with each division offering a different buy-in. Buyins start as low as $1 and climb as high as $300+. There are two leader boards available, the Low Orbit Leaderboard and the High Orbit Leaderboard. Each of the eight planets will have been placed in the leader boards with each division having its own weekly prize pool for top the top players in each division in addition to the top 10 players from each division will progress to the monthly tournament where they will play for a prize pool guaranteed of $50,000.

The way this promotions works is every time you play a ‘Battle of the Planets” multi-player Sit and Go tournaments with 40 players or less and your able to cash, you will earn leaderboard points. Each division has its own number of games you will need to play to qualify and gain as many points as you can. Each leaderboard has its own fixed number of points you can accumulate based on your final standing in eligible Sit and Go tournaments.

The Low Orbit Leader Board is recorded in blocks of 20 tournaments. All Low Orbit tournament players will be able to play up to five 20 tournament blocks per division, per week. The tournament blocks are counted for in sequence and only your best wins will be taken and added to the leader boards.

The High Orbit Leaderboard is geared towards the very active player and has a different system in place with points recorded in blocks of 100 tournaments. High Orbit players do not have a limit on how many tournaments you can play nor the number of divisions you can enter. The points are tallied in the same way as the Low Orbit players with your best block scores counted and games sequenced in 100 tournament blocks.
Battle of the Planets is scheduled to start on April16th.

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