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Bodog Poker Pros Cash In WSOP Heads-Up Championship

Event #25 of the 2008 World Series of Poker - $10,000 World Championship No Limit Heads-Up Hold’em – was looking very good for Poker Pros Justin Bonomo and David Williams, as both breezed through round one and two of the competition.

The 3-day event saw the first three rounds of play dealt out in the first day, each time cutting the field by half. With the maximum number of 256 players entering the WSOP Heads-Up Championship, the field narrowed to 128, then 64, then again to 32 in a single day.

In round one, Justin Bonomo defeated David Benefield to move on to round 2, where he sent the impeccable skills of Phil Gordon to the rails. At the same time, David Williams was taking down Andrew Rosskamm with quad-9s.

Unfortunately for Justin Bonomo, the end of day one’s round three brought an end to his hopes for the gold Bracelet as well. Defeated by Jason Rosenkrantz, Bonomo finished on day one in 35th position, taking home his $14,438 portion of the $2,406,400 overall prize pool.

David Williams’ streak continued however, as day two kicked off round 4 of the WSOP Heads-Up Championship. Up against David Stern, Williams spared little time claiming the victory, revealing a final hand that outlasted Stern’s pocket Aces.

With 16 players remain, Williams was set to take on Lyle Berman in round 5 of the WSOP Heads-Up Championship. In contrast to his last match-up, Berman vs. Williams was the longest running match of the 5th round, with both chip stacks virtually even after 4 hours of play. The staff actually started the 6th round – the ‘elite eight’ – before the Williams/Berman match was over. After 6 hours, however, Lyle Berman was able to claim the triumphant victory, sending David Williams to the rails in 9th position with a prize of $36,096.
The Poker Pros were out of the running for the bracelet, but when the smoke cleared, it was Kenny Tran who emerged victorious, earning his first WSOP Bracelet and a massive purse of more than half a million dollars.

2008 WSOP Event #25 World Championship Heads-Up Tournament ‘Elite Eight’ Results:

1st – Kenny Tran ($539,056)
2nd – Alec Torelli (336,896)
3rd – Vanessa Selbst ($108,288)
4th – Jonathan Jaffe ($108,288)
5th – Lyle Berman ($54,144)
6th – Brandon Adams ($54,144)
7th – Gavin Griffin ($54,144)
8th – Robert Mizrachi ($54,144)


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