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Mike Matusow & DaEvils Exchange Trash Talk At Full Tilt Poker

During event 32 of Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS IX (Full Tilt Online Poker Series), the real action was upstaged by a prolonged interaction between ‘DaEvils’ and Full Tilt Pro Mike Matusow as the pro unleashed borage of trash talk at the tables.

Now the hottest topic at online poker forums across the boards, everyone seems to agree that Mike Matusow has done nothing more than decrease his popularity and flaw his reputation. Some of the comments – none of which I could find to be spelled correctly – were downright ludicrous.

The counter-communications from ‘DaEvils’ were at least better articulated. ‘DaEvils’ did not seem to get perturbed in the least, though he did repeat himself on several occasions and called Matusow a few unpleasant names now and again.

Matusow’s behavior was, according to ‘DaEvils’ (and agreed upon by much of the online poker community) like that of an 8-year-old child “who puts his hands over his ears and goes “nah nahy nah nah i can’t hear you”. This came in response to Matusow’s repeatedly posted strings of “whehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and the like.

It was truly a disgrace to watch the two going back and forth in such childlike fashion. Matusow continually jabbed that online poker players, especially ‘DaEvils’ were merely jealous that they couldn’t play at his own caliber, while ‘DaEvils’ responded with things like, “as much as i’d like to have substance abuse problems… and constantly go broke… i think i’ll find somebody else to idolize.”

In his defense, ‘DaEvils’ asked on more than one occasion if Mike Matusow would play him live, heads-up. Matusow failed to reply to this question one way or another. Personally, after seeing the two of them verbally jousting in the online poker event, I would fear an actual fist-fight to occur if they ever met face to face.

While the general consensus from the online poker community was a virtual rolling of the eyes at the behavior from these two, it was pretty well summed up by one commenter on the 2+2 Poker Forum, who simply stated “Both look like idiots in this exchange.”

Playing with the pros at FullTilt is always interesting….

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