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Obvious Poker Tips From Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker is known for a lot of things – Team BodogLife Poker Pros like Evelyn Ng, superb online poker software, lucrative weekly tournaments, a great online poker school for beginners and intermediate players, the great Bodog Sportsbook and the upcoming Bodog Poker Open II Main Event – but one thing commonly overlooked at Bodog Poker immediately drew my eyes Tuesday, the “Totally Obvious Poker Tip of the Day”.

Bodog Poker educated its poker players of any skill level as to how one can win at strip poker. Of course, all poker games require a certain level of strategy, skill and luck to come out on top, but apparently there is only one thing required to find success in a strip poker game – “Play at a table with a bunch of really hot people”.

Finding this rather amusing, I decided read a few more of Bodog Poker’s obvious tips, and found the information to be quite intriguing, as clearly evident as some of them may be. The common over-valuing of J-J made the list, along with the recommendation of playing free-money tables when you’ve had a little too much booze.

The most obvious tip of all came as “Tip #14: Don’t fold the best hand”. Yes, it would be quite dim-witted to fold with the Nuts – we all know this – but the point Bodog Poker was trying ever so comically to make was that every poker player who wishes to have any luck at the game whatsoever must be able to evaluate the nuts.

Some of the other obvious tips, provided for their entertainment value and nothing else, included how to avoid “bringing the beer” to a home poker game. Bodog Poker advises the best way to avoid being the beer-bringer is to “be underage”, or simply avoid obtaining any legal form of photo identification; driver’s license, passport, etc.

Tip #16 was another sarcastic doozy, asking “How many poker players does it take to change a light bulb?” The Bodog Poker response – “Any number greater than 6. Otherwise they’re all short-handed and can’t reach high enough.”

While most of these tips are not really going to improve your poker game, they do provide an entertaining distraction from the woes of a bad beat, or stress of a 12 hour tournament. For more educational tips, try reading Bodog Poker’s normal “Poker Tips of the Day”, which are actually very informative and enlightening poker tips and strategies for players of any skill level.

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