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Up $3.2M, Gus Hansen Leads October Action At Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Pro Gus Hansen maintains a sizable lead over the field at Full Tilt Poker, having earned an awe-inspiring profit of more than $3 million at the online poker room in the month of October alone. At this rate, but with only a few days left, Hansen just may find himself recording the most profitable month in the history of Full Tilt Poker.

Much of Gus Hansen’s earnings at Full Tilt Poker have come from two cash games, Omaha Hi/Lo and H.O.R.S.E., where he’s racked up an amazing $2.7 million. When you add all other variants into the mix, that number rises to an astounding $3.2 million.

According to tracking records surveyed on Monday, October 27, Gus has played 33,832 hands at Full Tilt Poker, which calculates down to an average profit of $94.50 per poker hand played. Sources that track the earnings of outstanding poker players at various online poker rooms pin-point Hansen’s current profit for 2008 at about $2.4 million.

Gus is not the only member of the FullTiltPoker,net Team to see incredible 7-digit finances throughout the month. The high-stakes cash tables have been teaming with lucrative action and some of the best known players have done remarkably well for themselves.

After Gus Hansen’s top position with $3.2 million comes Full Tilt Pro Phil Ivey, up an impressive $2.134 million in October. Tom “durrr” Dwan follows close behind with about $1.94 million on the month. The only other player to exceed the 7-digit mark is Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, with a current October total of $1.06 million.

Dwan’s numbers are perhaps the most exceptional of all when you consider the day he had last Sunday at Full Tilt Poker’s high-stakes cash table. Dwan came up with the short end of the stick not once, but twice in the same day, losing what turned out to be two of the largest pots in the history of the online poker room.

Dwan suffered a $678k loss to John Juanda when his pocket Aces couldn’t hold up to Juanda’s pocket Kings setting on the river. A bit later, Dwan took pocket Kings all-in against Di “Urindanger” Dang, whose pocket Aces went on to scoop the $723k pot. Even with a combined loss of $1.401 million in a single day, Tom “urrr” Dwan still manages to hold onto a profit margin of nearly $2 million.

The action is only getting more furious at FullTilt Poker’s high-stakes cash tables. Even if you can’t bear to see that much of your own money on the line, it’s certainly interesting to watch those who can.

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