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UltimateBetPoker Stays Alive, But For How Long?

Last month’s Kentucky Court ruling that called for the seizure of 141 online gambling domains was put on hold until mid-November, but the highly popular domain name registrar did not hesitate to cough up the certificates of four online poker rooms involved in the proceedings;, and among them.

To the appreciation of thousands of online poker players, these online poker rooms, including UltimateBetPoker, have not been shut down, blacked out or moved to another domain name. Until the final decision is delivered by Judge Thomas Wingate, the contents of the domains will remain untouched.

Wingate ruled that GoDaddy is not to make any changes whatsoever to the online poker sites registered with the domain provider involved in the case.

A forfeiture hearing has been scheduled for mid-November, where the 141 online gambling domains in question are expected to turn over their domains, or appeal the case. In order for this to happen, the owners of such domains would be forced to come forward, revealing their identity to the courts. Thus far, there is very little known about who actually controls the ownership of said domains.

Unlike GoDaddy, the domain name registrant Net Solutions has declined to hand over its certificates at this time, also refusing to reveal the identity of any parties involved in the ownership of the domains.

For members of UltimateBetPoker and many other online gaming sites, the future is unknown. Those with an interest in the online poker and gambling community as a whole continue to hold their breath until the mid-November hearing takes place.

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