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Titan Poker Awards $100 To Best Hand Every Day

For the thousands of players at Titan Poker, the pride and joy of the iPoker Network, there’s more than one way to win at the poker tables. Got the best hand of the day - that’s worth $100. Hit a torrentially bad beat – that’s worth a progressive jackpot. Got a string of good luck – you could take down some awesome tournaments for valuable guaranteed prizes. is commonly considered one of the top online poker rooms in the world, and its extensively valuable line-up of promotions has a lot to do with it. Titan Poker is currently offering one lucky player a free $100 Daily Best Hand Bonus, simply for communing with Lady Luck.

In order to receive the $100 Daily Best Hand Bonus, a player must be seated at any Texas Hold’em cash table and finish with a hand of Quad Kings or better. A leas 3 players must be dealt in, and the hand must go to a showdown (cannot be Folded). Both hole cards must be used to develop the Best Hand. From there, it’s just a matter of whether some other lucky player has hit a better hand than yours before the day’s end.

Titan Poker also rewards its unluckiest player by way of a Bad Beat Jackpot. Like the Best Hand Bonus, a player must have Quad Kings or better to qualify, but he must go to a showdown and actually lose with that awesome hand. This releases the Titan Poker Bad Beat Jackpot of $250, awarded to the losing hand.

Whether you’re having your worst beat ever, or the best winners you’ve seen in years, Titan Poker is there to reward its players for their internet poker triumphs and tribulations.

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