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Gus Hansen’s Full Tilt Poker Redemption

Last week, we reported the incredible single-hand loss of’s Gus Hansen that cost him nearly $74k, siphoned directly into the pocket of Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond. This week, it’s a whole new story as Gus has been destroying his opponents at the $200/$400 PL Omaha tables.

Over an extended period of time, Gus played in three key hands that awarded him in excess of $650,000. Professional online poker player Tom “durrrr” Dwan felt the sting of Hansen’s wrath as he lost near $1.2 million during the same session.

In the first hand, it was Hansen, Dwan and another player by the username “tsarrast”. Hansen came out with a Raise under the gun, called by both opponents. After the Flop, tsarrast led out strong and again, everyone called. Hansen Raised on the turn, at which time tsarrast dropped out, but Dwan kept going. By the time the hand was done, Hansen flipped over 2 Pair, Kings and Sixes. Dwan mucked, and Gus came away with $106,397.

The second big pker hand for Hansen came against “Urindanger” and “Sunra18”. With Hansen in the BB, Urindanger raised $1,200, called by Sunra on the button. Hansen flopped middle set with 5’s and a King-high Flush Draw, leading out with $3,200. Urindanger got out fast, but Sunra tosses $12,800 into the pot. Hansen responded with a $42,200 raise, and Sunra pushed all-in for $98,151. Even with QQ and the Nut Flush draw, Hansen managed to avoid the worst as his Set of 5’s held up, awarding him another awesome pot of $174,599.

In the biggest hand of Hansen’s weekend, he faced again Urindanger, plus the quick-witted skills of poker pro David Benefield. Urindanger came out with $1,200, called by Hansen on the button, but Benefield upped it to $5,200, causing Urindanger to fold out. With a weak Hole of 7c-3s-Jc-Qs and nothing but position on his side, Hansen made the call. The flop came down 10c-9d-2d. Benefield fired with $8,200 and again, Gus made the call; a good decision as the 8c came on the Turn, giving him the Nut Straight and a Flush draw. Benefield checked out and Gus let loose a $24,400 bet, falling for the Check-Raise from Benefield that put him all-in for $94,498. Not to be deterred, Hansen called and hit his Flush with a 6c on the River. Benefield turned over the Nut Straight, holding K-K-Q-J, but Hansen’s gutshot decision made the grade, awarding his biggest pot of the day - $217,793.

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