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PKR Using Neurological Research To Appeal To Online Poker Players

It’s been said time and again that PKR Poker is the most innovative, sophisticated and technologically advanced online poker room in the industry, but the latest news coming out of PKR goes far beyond the average advancements of the 3D poker room.

PKR Poker begun the blue-prints for a re-launch of the online poker site in 2010, and to help in the drawing of these blueprints, has announced it will be teaming up with Foviance to exploit the vast capabilities of modern science. PKR and Foviance will use the latest electroencephalography (EEG) technology to study online poker player’s arousing relationship with a particular brand or service, attempting to discover just what makes a player choose, and remain loyal to, an online poker room.

There have been plenty of polls and surveys to answer this question, but by going a hundred steps farther to research the average online poker player’s actual brainwave response is exactly what PKR has in mind. Preliminary results involving novice players have already revealed that PKR provides a substantially higher level of emotional magnetism when compared to other online poker rooms.

Foviance also discovered what areas of PKR tend to break the concentration of novice online poker players, causing a notable level of confusion to the player. This led PKR to understand the importance of tutorial phases for novice players. PKR can use this information to improve its online poker room, as well as cross-marketing tactics.

“This method of user research helps us understand the all important emotional experience that customers go through when using our site,” said PKR Technologies’ Marketing Director, Simon Prodger. “This is very important to as we aim to provide the most engaging poker experience online. Foviance’s insight has helped us identify how we can harness and develop the unique aspects of PKR’s engaging and immersive approach to online poker to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest quality experience possible.”

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