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Phil Ivey’s $1 Million Bet On The Super Bowl

The biggest sporting event of the year has come to an end as the Pittsburg Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals with a score of 27-23. For die-hard football fans, it was gut wrenching end to the final three minutes of the fourth quarter, but to extreme poker fans, everyone is wondering how it turned out for poker star Phil Ivey?

Last week, during his weekly appearance on PokerRadioChat with Barry Greenstein, Ivey phoned in from the floor of the Bellagio as he waited anxiously to find out whether the casino would accept his enormous Super Bowl bet of $1 million.

Unfortunately, however, Ivey was not willing to divulge what team he was dropping all that cash on. During the broadcast, Greenstein indicated that Ivey may have some inside information regarding the teams, but again, neither gave any indication of which team was expected to conquer or falter.

According to a regular poster at 2+2 Forums, “people are always complaining that Bellagio won’t take a couple of grand on a game.” That would explain Ivey’s anticipation as the Bellagio considered his sizeable wager.

Apparently, casino management like their odds as the results came in favor of Ivey. Phil’s bet was accepted.

Even now, though, the poker fans are getting restless to discover who Ivey wagered on. Will this be another enormous loss for the young FullTiltPoker pro, much like his bet on the Lakers to win the NBA Finals last season? Or has Ivey cashed in big, reflecting his frequent high-stakes prop bet victories?

Ivey is known to heighten the excitement of any event, from his own poker action, to sporting events including football and basketball betting, to a round of golf with friends.

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