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“HDCowboy” Cracks Absolute Poker $800k Bad Beat Jackpot

The CEREUS Poker Network’s Bad Beat Jackpot, combining that of Absolute Poker and sister-site, was once again cracked recently. Absolute Poker player “HDCowboy” suffered the most gratifying loss of his life, releasing the $813,000 bad beat jackpot.

The 65-year-old Pennsylvania native “HDCowboy” celebrated his 2009 Valentine’s Day in lavish style after having just cashed in for $264,419 in Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot. Possessing an impressive hand of Quad 8s at the Texas Hold’em virtual felts, HDCowboy ran into the Quad Kings of opponent “RangerXBob”.

Each of the seven players at the table saw their share of the exceptional jackpot prize. RangerXBob was showered with $132,996 for winning the Bad Beat hand, while the other five participants at the table were each awarded $1,083. All other online poker players on Absolute’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables at the time of the release – 1,028 in all - were each granted a prize of $83.

The remaining $248,154 of the Bad Beat Jackpot will go to serve Absolute Poker’s administrative fees, and to re-seed the new Bad Beat Jackpot. In order to release the jackpot, an online poker player one of the many Bad Beat Jackpot tables at Absolute Poker must lose with a hand of Quad 8s or better, using both Hole Cards and finishing at the showdown to qualify. HDCowboy’ hand just did fulfill the requirements.

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