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Download has one of the largest fields of players online. During peak hours the room can easily see in excess of 100,000 players providing a playing field that is spread right across the board. The viewed flop percentage is significantly lower than other rooms with average view flop percentage ranging between 29%-32% and that is even in the micro games. Expect to find some solid games in this room. is the play money version of the standard PokerStars software. offers the player a chance to learn and practice playing poker before risking any of their own money. Many current day professional poker players state that they got their start on, playing hundreds of hours at the free money games, honing their skills before stepping up to the next level. The Poker tournament schedule is packed with promotions, huge guarantees, seats to live events and freerolls which are typically country specific events. New promotions are released on a regular basis and during the last few months the poker room has made some major changes to their events. Poker now provide two different leaderboard for their players, one focusing on multi-table tournaments, while the other caters to the sit and go player. Both events provide weekly and month cash prizes with the MTT leaderboard giving away seats to the WSOP for yearly Poker standings. software is proprietary so you will never be sharing a players base. They feature great graphics, excellent speed and customization features for players to upload their own avatars, backgrounds and even table skins. The lobby provides all your standard features you would expect from any online room with view flop percentages, hands per hour (130+/hr) along with average pot size. The lobby features all the option for your games along with languages a news feeder to keep you up to date and a friend finder tool. The tables provide the same vital stats that you would expect although if you need more you can use Poker Tracker or other third party software in the room. The last hand feature will allow you to go through the last hand played or all hands from the start while in game play. If you need to review this further you can request to have the last 100 hands played emailed to you. Multi-tabling is a strong feature in the room with players being able to play up to 8 cash games at once and an unlimited number of tournaments or sit and go's. You can either tile the tables or cascade them with no interruptions to your games. Download the latest free software and learn to play like a pro.