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Jens Kyllönen Wins PokerStars EPT Copenhagen

The PokerStars European Poker Tour Scandinavian Open finally came to a conclusion last Saturday after Jens Kyllönen defeated Peter Hedlund in heads-up to take down the title, worth $1.1 million.

Saturday, February 21, 2009, the final eight took their seats at the sponsored EPT event in Copenhagen. With the Championship on the line, Jonas “slaktarn” Klausen became the first to exit the final table, followed by Eric Larcheveque.

With six players remaining, the current chip leaders Rasmus Hede Nielsen and Anders Langset declared war on each other. Langset scooped a 700,000 pot that left Nielsen short stacked, and soon after eliminated from the tournament.

After a long period of chip exchanging, another flourish of derailments took place. Peter Petterson left the table with a 5th place finish, followed closely by the elimination of Jussi Nevanlinna in 4th. The final three would reveal an interesting turn of tides as short-stacked Kyllönen aimed his skilled weaponry at the leader, Langset.

With Kd-Qh, Kyllönen went up against Langset’s Pocket 8s. The cards fell in Kyllönen’s favor, with a fourth Diamond on the River to complete a King-High Flush. It took only a few more hands for Kyllönen, now the leader, to oust Langset from the table.

Heads-up action between Kyllönen and Hedlund didn’t last long. Having started with the lowest stack as the final table got underway, Jens Kyllönen now possessed a strong 3-to-1 chip lead over Hedlund. Holding a respectable A-J, Hedlund pushed all-in against Kyllönen’s Pocket Jacks. With no help from the board, Hedlund was eliminated in 2nd place for nearly $650k.

At only 19 years of age, the Finnish poker player Jens Kyllönen won his first EPT Title, pocketing $1.14 million for his outstanding efforts.

PokerStars EPT Scandinavian Open Final Table Results

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1st - Jens Kyllönen ($1,141,474)
2nd - Peter Hedlund ($646,190)
3rd - Anders Langset ($369,414)
4th - Jussi Nevanlinna ($286,335)
5th - Petter Petterson ($236,033)
6th - Rasmus Hede Nielsen ($185,731)
7th - Eric Larcheveque ($147,038)
8th - Jonas Klausen ($104,473)