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Keshner79 Wins Sunday Millions

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“kesher79” Takes Down PokerStars Sunday Million

With the finalization of the 2008 WSOP Main Event last weekend, online poker fans are geared up more than ever to take on some of the biggest poker tournaments on the Internet. PokerStars Sunday Million was certainly no exception as nearly 8,000 participants bought into the online poker tournament, jumping the expected $1.5 million prize pool to $1,599,800.

The tournament kicked off at 9:30pm Sunday and continued into the morning, lasting just over 10-1/2 hours. It was an action packed adventure from start to finish as some of the top poker pros took part, including Barry “barryg1” Greenstein and Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu.

In an interesting twist of events, the final table came down to only 8 players, rather than the usual 9. “LEstradioto” was eliminated in the 9th position before the final table was prepared, leaving the final 8 to battle it out for the top prize of nearly $200k.

Dwindling quickly, it came down to heads-up play when “mjluth” went all-in pre-flop with A-K offsuit against the K-Q offsuit of “kesher79”. The Q paired on the Turn, sending mjluth to the virtual rails in 3rd for $89k.

It took only 5 minutes to declare a winner once kesher79 and “rS.Wisdom” settled into one-on-one. With 300k/600k blinds, kesher79 raised 1.8m from the button. A call from rS.Wisdom brought the Flop, Jh-Td-2h. A check from rS.Wisdom inspired a 2.4m raise from kesher79, to which rS.Wisdom called. Then came the Turn, Ac. Another check from rS.Wisdom, and another 6m Raise from kesher79. The River, 2s, brought another check from rS.Wisdom, while kesher79 went all-in.

After only a moment’s thought, rS.Wisdom called the bet to reveal his slow-play of two pair, Aces and Tens; an excellent hand, but nothing compared to the Quad 2s kesher79 was holding.

For his amazing final hand, kesher79 was awarded the 1st place prize of $195,975, while rS.Wisdom exited the table proudly with a 2nd place purse of $132,143.

PokerStars $1.5M GTD Sunday Million Final Table Results

1st - kesher79 ($195,975.50)
2nd - rS.Wisdom ($132,143.48)
3rd - mjluth ($89,588.80)
4th - maverick8487 ($72,790.90)
5th - Mr_BigQueso ($56,792.90)
6th - orkim ($40,794.90)
7th - RiverCardRob ($27,996.50)
8th - jarocho123 ($18,397.70)
9th - LEstradioto ($11,198.60)