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Natalie Teltscher Drops Lawsuit Against PokerStars

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Natalie ‘TheV0id’ Teltscher Drops Lawsuit Against PokerStars

Natalie Teltscher has officially dropped her lawsuit for $1.2 million against PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room.

Back in 2007, Natalie Teltscher, under the username ‘TheV0id’, won the
PokerStars WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker’, worth $1,228,330. However, PokerStars refused to pay Teltscher her winnings until a thorough investigation could be completed into the validity of her win.

As it turns out, PokerStars was wholly justified in its investigation of ‘TheV0id’. Natalie Teltscher broke one vital rule of playing in the WCOOP competition – she did not actually play at all.

The 22-hour WCOOP Main event battle saw ‘TheV0id’ ousting ‘ka$ino’ in heads-up play to take the ultimate prize, but behind the username-mask of ‘TheV0id’ was not Natalie Teltscher. She had given someone else the seat in her place, under her username, ‘TheV0id’.

In a statement from PokerStars, “Ms Teltscher initially claimed that she had played the account. However, when faced with the results from PokerStars.com’s investigation, she eventually admitted she hadn’t played. The decision of Ms Teltscher to withdraw her claim fully vindicates PokerStars.com’s decision to disqualify her from the tournament and subsequently defend the claim, actions that were taken in order to protect the integrity of the games on offer at PokerStars.com.”

Since Teltscher withdrew her lawsuit, in accordance with the WCOOP competition rules, all remaining competitors were moved up one position in placement. All Main Event winners will move up one spot, including the player who finished just outside the money bubble, who originally had to winnings to show for his efforts.

“On her disqualification, all other players were moved one place higher in the prize table, the statement from PokerStars read, “and the money confiscated from her account, ‘TheV0id’, was redistributed in full
according to the amended tournament placings.”


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