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PokerStars World Record Tournament World Record Tournament A Huge Success

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room, continued its usual astonishingly high rate of player traffic last weekend, but this time with an interesting twist. The online poker room closed out 2008 with a “Guinness World Record Tournament” that would attempt to break the record for the largest participation of any poker tournament.

The endeavor was not only a success; it attracted as many poker players as could possibly be seated. capped the action at 35,000 players, and every single seat was filled before the tournament got underway. This comes as little surprise as the online poker room required a buy-in of only $11 ($10+$1), paying a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. A little basic match tells us that even with the seats full, the buy-in only covers $350,000 of the purse, topped off by an extra $150,000 put up by PokerStars. Any moderately seasoned online poker player will tell you the added value of such an overlay is always welcome.

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The odds of winning an online poker tournament whilst competing against 34,999 other players are obviously minuscule at best, but it certainly helps when a whopping 8,749 players are guaranteed to finish in the money bubble.

Surprisingly, the PokerStars Guinness World Record Tournament only lasted about 9-1/2 hours. With so many competitors, you would have expected a longer session. Then again, this isn’t the WSOP, where players invest $10k just to participate. With only $11 at stake, players could afford to take more risks – risks that paid off undoubtedly well for “stan34powa” who won the online poker tournament, claiming a top prize of $30,000. (See PokerStars Guinness World Record Tournament Final Table Results below.)

As if that weren’t enough to make the headlines for PokerStars over the weekend, the online poker room hosted several other highly valuable events that drew in astounding traffic. Eleven 10,000-seater SNG’s with $1 buy-in and $10,000 added were extremely popular, but then who wouldn’t pay $1 for a shot at $2,000? The cash table traffic piqued at nearly 37,000.

Another big traffic boost came from the special Sunday Million tournament, upped to a guaranteed prize pool of $2.5 million for this special occasion. With over 16,000 players taking part, the prize jumped well over $3.2 million before the participants converged on the tables.

It just goes to show why PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker room.

PokerStars Guinness World Record Tournament Final Table Results
1st - stan34powa ($30,000)
2nd - meiky777 ($20,000)
3rd - rumred14 ($15,000)
4th - Goldman007 ($10,000)
5th - Nekochan48 ($7,500)
6th - gustave44 ($5,000)
7th - n0ideahh ($3,500)
8th - alepolice ($2,500)
9th - ONE_TIMEE ($2,000)
10th - FuFish ($1,500)