Review - ParadisePoker Bonus Code is one of the internet’s oldest online poker rooms. Founded in 1999, ParadisePoker has proven to be a very successful and popular online poker room. Check out for yourself and see why they are one of the top online poker rooms.

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Free €100 with a €5 Deposit Review & Summary has been around since 1999 and they are regarded as a superior online poker room. ParadisePoker is a very well-rounded online poker room, featuring decent traffic and action at all levels of each of their plentiful online poker games. The website at is also very useful, featuring tons of useful information and tips. All of this and it’s presented in two different forms of online media. There are articles on poker and videos as well.

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ParadisePoker Bonus

The ParadisePoker Bonus is not one of the most generous bonuses in the business. ParadisePoker will give you Free €100 with a €5 Deposit. Paradise has recently added bonus codes to their system. All poker bonuses are included into our link but if you like, use Paradise Poker Bonus Code - No Bonus Code Needed to ensure maximum bonus at

Paradise Software

The software at Paradise is top-notch. Being a premier online poker room, one would expect nothing less than this from Paradise The graphics are very appealing, giving a “paradise” feel, keeping with the theme of the site. The only problem I’ve ever heard about paradise is that on older systems, the software tends to bog down your system. On my computer, the software runs perfectly fine.

Download ParadisePoker Software Now Traffic boasts a good amount of traffic. At peak times, it is not unusual to see 15k+ people at the tables and tournaments. With this level of traffic, can offer decent games at all levels of play.

ParadisePoker Game Variety

ParadisePoker offers the usual games that you see at online poker sites these days. There is Texas Holdem, Omaha, and 7 card stud. However, is one of the only online poker rooms to offer Pineapple. Customer Service has good customer service, although I’ve never really needed to use them.