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Poker Heaven is part of the BOSS media network. Poker Heaven has been around for quite a while but was mainly marketed in Europe. Now, Poker Heaven has gone worldwide but kept some of the features that Europeans love about this online poker room. Check out Poker Heaven for yourself.

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Poker Heaven Review & Summary

Poker Heaven is part of the BOSS media network. Poker Heaven has been around for a couple of years now and was mainly promoted in Europe. Now, Poker Heaven is also being promoted heavily in the States and Canada and their player base is increasing dramatically.

I wrote a review of Poker Heaven about 4 months ago for another one of my poker portals and since that time, they have added a substantial amount of features. I will get into the added features of Poker Heaven later on, but the biggest improvement I have seen at Poker Heaven is the ability to play locally or globally. Poker Heaven has instituted regional tables, where you can sit down with players from a certain part of the world.

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Poker Heaven Bonus

Poker Heaven has arranged a special sign up bonus for visitors of You will receive a special 100% Deposit Bonus up to €500. For every € you deposit, Poker Heaven will match your deposit with a € of their own. The more you deposit, the bigger your bonus will be.

Poker Heaven Software

Poker Heaven has come a long way since I first reviewed them, just 4 months ago. Poker Heaven has added features such as regional tables, game stats, and currency specific tables. The regional tables allow you to play poker against players from your region. The games stats at Poker Heaven are not just in the lobby, but at the table as well. This is the coolest feature. Finally, the currency specific tables really come in handy for Europeans visiting Poker Heaven.

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Poker Heaven Traffic

Poker Heaven has steadily grown in traffic from the moment they started promoting. Remember, Poker Heaven is mainly European so their traffic times are based on that. During the day, there are anywhere from 2k to 3k people at the tables at Poker Heaven. At night time (peak hours), it is not unusual to see 6k+ people playing at Poker Heaven.

Poker Heaven Game Variety

The game variety at Poker Heaven is fairly standard. Poker Heaven also offers 5 card draw, a difficult game to find online, but I suspect still a fairly popular one.

Poker Heaven Customer Service

The BOSS media network has dedicated a huge amount of dollars to their excellent customer support. Poker Heaven is no exception. Expect only a brief waiting time if you have to use email support at Poker Heaven.

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