Poker Ocean Review - PokerOcean Bonus Code

Poker Ocean is a brand new online poker room brought to you by Playtech’s iPokerNetwork, a major player in the online casino business. Poker Ocean will have very loose games because of this and this is exactly why you should play at Poker Ocean. PokerOcean has the same players as Titan Poker, so playing on Titan Poker is the same as playing on PokerOcean

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100% Deposit Bonus up to $500

Poker Ocean Review & Summary

Poker Ocean is part of the iPokerNetwork, owned by Playtech and is the same as Titan Poker. Playtech is mainly famous for their online casinos, especially their top of the line software. Poker Ocean is a brand new online poker room but because of their backing by this powerful network, Poker Ocean is a top-notch poker room with a decent amount of traffic. The software at Poker Ocean comes in 4 languages and has several nice features which we will mention in the software section of this review.

The poker games at Poker Ocean are as loose as any other iPokerNetwork’s games, which means they are the loosest in the industry. The generous bonuses and large amount of players who convert over from the casinos equals a network full of very loose players. I’m not kidding here, these people love to gamble and I love playing at Poker Ocean because of it. I do not play at Poker Ocean for a good game, I’ll find a room like fulltilt poker for that. I play at Poker Ocean for one reason, to make money off of the loose players that come over from the casinos or are there to capitalize on the generous bonuses that Poker Ocean offers.

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Poker Ocean Bonus

Poker Ocean will match your opening deposit dollar for dollar, up to $500. That is a 100% deposit bonus at Poker Ocean, up to $500. This bonus is the same as Titan Poker, another poker room on the same network, but it is easier to clear. All of our links to Poker Ocean contain this bonus preloaded.

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Poker Ocean also offers monthly reload bonuses, currently 100% up to $100.

Poker Ocean Software

Just like the other poker rooms on the iPokerNetwork, Poker Ocean has one of the most cutting edge software design teams at their disposal. Due to the overwhelming success of their casinos, Playtech was able to create something special in the software for Poker Ocean. This software at Poker Ocean is available in English, French, German, and Italian. Also, the graphics are crisp and the functionality of the software is excellent. Some features of the software at Poker Ocean include: full screen options, player notes, and real time hand history. I know these added features help me in choosing my style of play when up against these loose casino players at Poker Ocean.

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Poker Ocean Traffic

Poker Ocean has some very decent traffic levels, especially at peak hours. I did have a bit of trouble finding games in the higher limits during off peak hours, though. Poker Ocean is a brand new room and one can not expect the traffic levels at Poker Ocean to be as high as one of the best internet poker sites out there. However, Poker Ocean does hold their own when it comes to “getting the players to sit at the tables”. I believe it is a combination of their easy to clear bonus and their casino traffic. It’s very easy to get casino players to the poker tables, especially with the publicity that poker gets on a daily basis.

When we reviewed Poker Ocean, there were 24,700 people playing the SNG (sit and go) tournaments and 12,600 people playing in the ring games.

Poker Ocean Game Variety

Here is where Poker Ocean lacks, in my book. Just like Titan Poker, Poker Ocean only offers Texas Holdem and Omaha Poker. I hardly every play any other poker games besides these two, but I do like to have the choice. Like I mentioned though, I don’t go to Poker Ocean to find a good game, I go their to make money. I, myself, make the most money on 10/20 Texas Holdem and Poker Ocean can accomidate that just fine.

Poker Ocean offers these two popular games in limits ranging from $0.25/$0.50 to $30/$60. There are players at almost every level of play at Poker Ocean. I did have a little trouble during off peak hours finding a game, but I just visited Poker Ocean a few hours later and it had picked up a bit.

Oh, one more thing, Poker Ocean also offers jackpots for winning 6 sit and go tournaments in a row. The prizes range from $2,000 - $100,000 depending on which tournaments you won.

Poker Ocean Customer Service

Poker Ocean, being part of the iPokerNetwork, is one of the only online poker rooms to have 24/7 phone support. This is a really nice feature and one that more online poker rooms should consider. Poker Ocean also has live email and online support. I’ve even heard that sometimes live support will contact you and offer you a bonus right on the spot. Poker Ocean is top-notch in this department.

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