Razz Poker Rules

Razz is an interesting variant of 7 card stud that involves trying to get the worst possible hand, instead of the best. The game of razz poer has some interesting rules that combine part low-ball and part 7 card stud. Using the widely accepted razz poker rules one must get the lowest 5 card hand of 7 card.

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Razz Poker Rules - Overall Play

Razz poker is dealt exactly like 7 card stud. Instead of repeating that step by step, I’ll cut right to the chase and explain why and how razz poker rules are different than that of 7 card stud.

The player holding the best low hand using any five of their cards wins the pot. Aces are always low, and flushes and straights have no effect on the value of a hand. Also, it’s good to remember that drawing a pair will not hurt your hand. The best possible hand is A-2-3-4-5.

Razz Poker Rules - Betting Structure

In the first round, the betting starts with the player having the highest upcard. This is a forced bet, and the software will automatically put the specified minimum bet into the pot. Each player can then fold, call the bring-in, or complete the bet (that is, raise to the lower limit). Once the bring-in bet has been completed, there is a limit of three reraises. All future rounds have a three raise limit, as well.

The betting on fourth street always proceeds at the lower limit. Unlike 7-card stud, an open pair does not affect the betting limit. All bets and raises on fourth street will be increments of the low-limit bet. For example, if the low limit bet is $5, it can be raised to $10, and then reraised to $15. On fifth street, the bets start at the higher limit, and remain at that limit through the final round of betting.

The lowest hand, after the final betting round, wins the pot.