UltimateBet.net Review

UltimateBet.net is considered to be one of the leading poker rooms in the world. They are currently able to offer some real innovation in the online poker business, thanks to some great features and a nice and sleek poker table design. The competition at UltimateBet.net Poker is soft in case you are going to play in the low stake games segment. There you will have the opportunity to find tables with an average flop percentage of 40% that is certainly going to make your stay very pleasant.

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111% Deposit Bonus up to $1,100

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UltimateBet.net Review & Summary

UltimateBet.net is a fabulous online poker room that is going to offer you an incredible sign up bonus and a decent loyalty program. The competition that you are going to find at the ultimatebet.net tables is going to be a little bit tight and the mid and high stakes. But in case you want just to have fun you should stick to the micro stakes and there you will be able to find a wide range of juicy tables.

UltimateBet.net Software

The software from UltimateBet.net received recently an update, and many of the bugs and other things that people have been complaining for a long time, disappeared. Right now UltimateBet.net is above the industry average. After you visit www.UltimateBet.net and download and install the software you will be surprised to see a 3D perspective of the online poker table, which is going to offer you a real feeling that is similar to the one that you get when you are playing poker at a real table. The mini table function offered by www.UltimateBet.net is also very good, it’s not unique but it’s a lot better compared to the feature offered by other similar online poker rooms.

UltimateBet.net Games & Traffic

Most of the traffic at UltimateBet.net is concentrated at the Texas Hold’em tables. Overall www.UltimateBet.net Poker is the perfect place for those players that want to receive a generous sign up bonus and get a piece of the massive amount of action that is currently at the high stakes. The traffic at UltimateBet.net is great. The online statistics are saying that during the peak hours there will be around 25,000 online poker players connected at Ultimate Bet Poker room. On average only 40% of that traffic will be situated at the ring games, while the other will be taking part of the online poker tournaments that are on all day long.

UltimateBet.net Tournaments

You will have the opportunity to play at some freerolls the moment you will join them. And also you will be able to find a wide range of ultimatebet.net online poker tournaments with buy ins starting from $1 and going up to $200. Once you will register for UltimateBet.net, you will have the opportunity to play the following games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Triple Draw and Pineapple.