Poker Rules

Poker is played with a normal deck of cards and each player is required to make the best or worst poker hand, depending on the game. Each game can be very different so we have poker rules for each variant of poker.� Popular poker games like Texas Holdem may not require much explaining to most people, but just in case you have never played, we have texas holdem rules explained simply and to the point.

If you have tried texas holdem and want to move on to a more complex poker game such as Omaha poker, we have the rules for Omaha Poker as well as Basic Omaha Poker Strategy.

Maybe Texas holdem and it’s variants isn’t for you and you are more of the stud kind of player, we have poker rules for a lot of the popular kinds of stud poker.� 7 card stud rules are widely accepted, whereas 5 card stud rules can vary greatly, depending on who you ask

In order to ensure that you have fun when you play, it is important that you get the poker rules understood by each player.� Otherwise, you are likely to have arguments instead of a good time.