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Playing A-x suited

ax.jpgWhen I say A-x, what I mean is Ace and Any Card of the same Suit. Example: Ace of spades - 6 of spades. I am a firm believer in some of the hands but for the most part feel that they are usually overplayed. The potential ramifications of adding this type of hand is it becomes really hard to fold if you pair an ace on the board.

Obviously, with this type of hand, you are hoping for a nut flush. There is essentially a 12% chance that you will flop a flush draw and only a 5% chance (pre-flop) that your flush will even get there. However, I will say that I prefer hands like A-3 suited, where there is the straight possibility, to a hand like A-8 suited, where no straight is possible and your kicker is mediocre, at best. I mention A-8 because I find a lot of people saying it is their “lucky hand”. Aces and Eights…..Dead man’s hand….. hmmm, lucky.

Anyway, with this hand, the chances of you hitting an Ace are much better than any other possibility of a winning hand. With that said, you must be VERY careful about betting when you do hit that Ace on the flop. Generally speaking, if someone else has an Ace, you can bet you are out-kicked, so be wary of the slow play here. However, this is definitely the type of hand that requires a feeler bet to test what the other players have.

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