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PartyPoker is one of the top online poker rooms out there. PartyPoker boasts more ring game traffic than any other online poker site.

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20% Bonus up to $100

PartyPoker Review & Summary

PartyPoker boasts more traffic in their ring games than any other online poker room. With this amount of traffic, PartyPoker is able to offer it’s players more promotions than any other poker room. There are loyalty programs, loose games, sign-on bonuses, reload bonuses, and freerolls, just to name a few. There are some of the loosest games at PartyPoker, as well. I believe this comes from the fact that partypoker is advertised more than any other one of the best internet poker sites out there. This draws a lot of newbies to the field who practice at the play money tables, then jump to the real money figuring it can’t be much different than home poker games. I’ve even found some loose games as high as 20/40 at PartyPoker.

PartyPoker just recently made some upgrades to their software. PartyPoker added blackjack and side bets, an interesting feature that lets you bet on the flop. You can bet if it’s going to be all black cards, for instance. While I have no interest in this sort of gambling, I still felt it was worth a mention.

All in all, PartyPoker is one of the top online poker rooms for a reason, player loyalty. Go to partypoker and get treated right.

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PartyPoker Bonus

PartyPoker has two different types of bonuses. Basically, they let you decide which bonus is best for you. You can get either $25 added or a 20% match up to $100. Basically, if you are depositing less than $125, go with the $25 bonus. If you are depositing more than $125, go with the 20% matching bonus.

We have a PartyPoker Bonus Code for each bonus at partypoker.

PartyPoker Software

In my opinion, the software at partypoker is sort of bittersweet. Because of their huge amount of player traffic, partypoker had to make some tough decisions in the design and redesign of their software. Because of bandwidth issues, PartyPoker wasn’t able to have some of the features that a few of the smaller rooms offer (in order to compete with partypoker). For instance, the per table statistics are not as thorough as they could be. There are no view/flop percentages or hands per hour statistics (I normally use these numbers to determine how loose a table is).

PartyPoker has added a bunch of servers and has increased it’s bandwidth to host well over 100,000 players with no interuptions. To me, that is very impressive. I believe the trimmed down graphics has a lot to do with this, as well.

Some of the nicer features at partypoker are the players notes, instant hand histories, and table-resizing. This last feature was added to partypoker recently and allows for very smooth multitabling.

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PartyPoker Traffic

Seriously, PartyPoker has phenomenal traffic. At any given time there are well over 60k players online. At partypoker, there is no such thing as off-peak hours. When we did this review of partypoker, however, we checked back at several different intervals throughout the day and averaged out these numbers.

In August 2007, there were 55,500 players at the ring games and 44,500 players at the tournament tables. These numbers are huge. Just read any other of our online poker reviews and compare these numbers with other online poker sites.

PartyPoker Game Variety

PartyPoker offers the standard fair of online poker games. They have Texas Holdem, Omaha, and 7 card stud at partypoker. The sheer amount of traffic allows the players to pick and choose their tables without ever having to wait very long. PartyPoker offers ring games from $.50/$1 to $50/$100 and tournament SNGs (sit and go) games from $5 all the way up to $200.

PartyPoker Customer Service

PartyPoker is a world class poker room with world class customer service. In 2004, they added 24/7 telephone support and have trained their staff to handle the trickiest of situations. There is also email and online customer support to back up the phone support. PartyPoker gets our highest marks when it comes to customer service.

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